At the heart of everything we do is Education. We believe everyone, no matter what, has a right to be seen and heard and are facilitating people to come together, because when we learn together, we grow together. Through our platform and network of commercial and cultural partners, we gift our IP to students, schools, and countries to ensure that we reach those that need it most.

Unite on Purpose is an opportunity to bring together a purpose-driven movement towards global unity and the Help 100 initiative was set up under the Foundation to support businesses whose turnover is less than £80,000 a year.

By nominating a space (either for yourself or another business) they will be gifted a One Earth™ membership which includes:

1. Access to a global community of purpose-led business to connect with;

2. A seat in a classroom for one the self-guided flagship courses – Find your Formula, Business DNA or Personal DNA – via the Learn section which will enable business owners to build their business-brand blueprint for growth around a purpose-led vision using the One Earth IP;

3. Over 60+ hours of content from our unite on Purpose® Summit; 50+ webinars to support your business growth and invitations to upcoming masterclass and keynote events.

Please tell us more about yourself or the business you are nominating below and a member of our team will review the application.

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