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The Uma Terra Foundation’s PURPOSE is to provide equitable access to businesses and nonprofits from disadvantaged communities and emerging nations to Unite, Impact, and Change globally to advance purpose, maximize profits, and create social & environmental impact for all.

 “We have supported 700+ businesses globally through a bursary and are now looking to provide the IP to countries, industries and specific disadvantaged demographics that have been hit by the pandemic and the global recession.”

Linzi Boyd


Help 1 million businesses worldwide which in turn will help 1 billion people on the ground.

Enabling 1 billion people globally to either build a business, lead an industry or campaign for societal change, all driving off a purpose.

Industry sectors led by global leaders
Countries associated with the UN provided with the One Earth IP
Schools funded in developing countries
Student places supported globally
Million dollars of business education and scholarshipsfor underprivileged.



Uma Terra Foundation’s programs cater to two key objectives.

“Scaling Businesses on Purpose”

To support the economic growth of disadvantaged communitiesand emerging nations.

The Uma Terra Foundation is dedicated to fostering early-stage businesses and providing entrepreneurship and business education to youth and adults at no cost. Scaling Business on Purpose is our business education based on start-up fundamentals and focused on vision and brand-led growth plans from three pillars – business, brand, and people – overlaid with PURPOSE.

Connect: Join a community to connect together through a united passion and purpose.

Learn: Restructure your business for scale and growth and create a ‘purpose-led’

Trade: Driving a new global economy where purpose is the new currency, uniting countries, cities, communities.

“Empowering Nonprofits”

Uma Terra Foundation will empower nonprofits through two distinct goals. 

Nonprofit Goal 1: The Uma Terra Foundation will provide nonprofits with much-needed resources to advance purpose, maximize profits, and create social & environmental impact for all. The education will focus on nonprofit management, including data & outcome measurement, financial management, fundraising, etc.

Nonprofit Goal 2: The Uma Terra Foundation will help nonprofits to set up their social enterprise. A social enterprise is a revenue-generating business that a non-profit will build with the intention of making money for their nonprofit.

HELP 100

is a programme run by The Foundation which gifts a bursary place to people and businesses looking to connect, learn, and trade.



Supporting Education

Support a Person


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£3.35 million

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At the heart of everything we do is education. The Foundation was set up to support early-stage growth businesses, those from disadvantaged backgrounds and developing countries.

Through our platform and network of commercial and cultural partners we gift our IP to students, schools and countries to ensure that we reach those that need it the most.

We have supported 700 businesses globally through a bursary and are now looking to provide the IP to countries, industries and specific disadvantaged demographics that have been hit by the pandemic and the global recession.


“We believe everyone, from both developed and developing countries has a right to be seen and heard.”

Linzi Boyd

Meet the Uma Terra Team

Linzi Boyd – The Founder of One Earth, a Global speaker and serial entrepreneur

Everybody deserves to be seen and heard, no matter where they live or their demographic. Shift the world!

Linzi Boyd, successfully owned and sold two businesses before the age of 24. The second was a renowned footwear brand with a global distribution channel in 7 countries, she sold this company to Caterpillar.

She went on to build her third business working with some of the most famous brands  on the hight street and became very well known for building Famous Brands.

Eleven years ago she found Purpose and moved out of the world of consumer brands, to set up One Earth, ( a platform for good, a purpose driven movement, amplifying the voices of united communities by connecting together on purpose, learning together to grow and trading with each other to impact change in the world.

She is a Global speaker, leading with purpose and has grown and scaled thousands of businesses globally combining both business and people. Linzi works with the London Stock Exchange, The Mayor’s Office and the UN Global Compact. 

One Earth is revolutionising industries to impact change in the world.

With an aim to help millions of organisations and businesses to build and scale their causes/purposes, by supporting them to achieve sustainable change on the planet and showcasing the vision, insight and determination of the entrepreneurs leading their businesses, industries and societal causes to create a brand new world.

Mary Mino – CEO/President

Leading the Charge for Change. Purpose to create a better world through transformative initiatives and innovative leadership

A forward-thinking and creative organizational leader driven by a fervent commitment to spearhead transformative initiatives, fostering collaboration between businesses and nonprofit organizations in pursuit of a shared purpose.
Mary Mino is a visionary and trailblazing leader, celebrated for her exceptional ability to overcome challenges and turn visionary ideas into reality. With over 35 years of experience, Ms. Mino is the Founding Partner of MSM Advisory Group, a consultancy dedicated to providing innovative executive consulting services for businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking to recover, rebuild, and restore post-pandemic.

Ashlee Lewis – CPO/ Vice President

Together We Rise: With a Purpose to Leave No One Behind. To create a more equitable and just society, one organization at a time.

Ashlee Lewis is a dynamic and compassionate leader known for her energy, adaptability, vision, and history of being effective in her role. She inspires and motivates others to collaborate towards shared objectives, all fueled by her dedication to the cause of social justice.

Ms. Lewis is a Nonprofit Growth Strategist and the founder of Rising InitiativeConsulting, focusing on empowering Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and disability (BIPOCD) nonprofit leaders with a mission that aligns with racial justice, disability justice, and gender equality. Her primary goal is to help these non-profits establish sustainable leadership and robust infrastructures to maximize funding opportunities and impact.


One Earth is a campaigning platform for good designed to bring communities together.

Join a community of like-minded peers, led by the people.                  Uniting the world on Purpose and ready to Kickstart the Economy to shift the world into a new era of Trade.

In any type of need or situation, One Earth delivers live connections and communication, without censorship. The Earth can connect developed and developing countries together in real-time to enable live communications and the coming together of people, products and services for the greater good.

If we have learned anything from the global pandemic it’s that the challenges that the world faces, both now and in the future, cannot be solved by charities, NGOs and governments alone.

Right now, communities, businesses, industries and governments are starting to come together in an uprising of consciousness to overcome the issues we face. Is this now how to solve the world’s issues, big and small?

It is now time to connect ourselves and our businesses to our purpose and remember who we are, why we are here, and how each one of us can facilitate change.

One Earth is our platform to enable this journey connecting people to unite, to learn together, to grow and to trade, leading with our purpose to impact change in the world.

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